Street Works

At JD Contractors & Groundworks, we can provide efficient and reliable street works to ensure the smooth functioning of streets and roadways. Our excellent team of experienced professionals is can maintain or improving infrastructure while minimising disruptions to people’s daily life. Our comprehensive services make a positive impact on street infrastructure. Contact us to tell us your requirements either by phone, emails or directly through the contact form on our website.

Our Street Works Services

Using the very latest equipment and techniques, we offer the following services:

Our Process

After supplying us with the necessary information and accepting our quotation, we will do a full site visit and survey. If the project requires a design element from Direct Sewer Connections, our engineers are able to design and gain the necessary approvals. Direct Sewer Connections will then immediately liaise with the local authority and other relevant parties.

In combination with the above, the various licence requirements are put in place. We are able to obtain approval from the local water authority on your behalf. Direct Sewer Connections then control the project in the areas of excavation, pipework, connections, backfill, and so on. At handover, a completion certificate, including S106 approval (if applicable), is issued once the outstanding balance has been received.

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